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Battle Of The Five Armies review
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Two Oscar nominations failed to properly get Hollywood to pay attention to Viola Davis, but it appears that her turning helping people get away with...

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Pixels Posters Invade Earth
Pacman, Donkey Kong and more attack

Pixels has the potential to be one of the more interesting films of next summer, as anyone who's seen the short it's based on can attest. In that 8-bit video...

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J.K. Simmons Up For Kong: Skull Island
He'll be enterting the big ape's land

A few weeks ago Tom Hiddleston became the first actor to sign up to star in Kong: Skull Island (which as the time was just known as Skull Island, before it...

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Golden Globe Nominations Announced
Birdman, Boyhood, The Imitation Game & more get the nod

It seems far too early for the Awards Season to have started, but with the Oscars recently moving earlier in the year it's pushed all the other shows up as...

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Edgar Ramirez Has Joy
Joining Jennifer Lawrence in David O. Russell's biopic

After a few years flirting on the edges of Hollywood following his acclaimed performance in Carlos, Edgar Ramirez is in talks for a major role in David O...

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Disney's Cinderella Gets Character Posters
Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helen Bonham-Carter & more

If I'm being perfectly honest, the recent trailer for Disney's live-action take on Cinderella was rather underwhelming and unexciting. It sadly seemed...

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Ryan Reynolds Confirms His Return As Deadpool
And it will shoot next Spring

When Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the idea before it was even filmed was that it would set up a spin-off movie for him....

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Chris Pratt May Be One Of The Magnificent Seven
Alongside Denzel Washington in the remake

Chris Pratt has had one hell of a year, with Guardians Of The Galaxy turning him into a bona fide movie star, voicing the lead character in The Lego Movie...

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Bond 24 Is Spectre & It's Even Got A Poster
Christoph Waltz, Adam Scott & more confirmed to star

It's official, Bond 24 has been announced with a major event in London and it will be called Spectre. Of course that's the name of the evil organisation...

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Just a few weeks ago Disney announced a new animated movie, Moana, and they're not wasting any time, as TheWrap reports that Dwayne Johnson has...