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Inside a child's mind with Pixar
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens may not be in cinemas until December, but with Star Wars: Episode VIII currently set for release May 2017, they don't...

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Disney Plans Live-Action Aladdin Prequel
And it may start a franchise

Last time Disney went to the fantasy Middle East with Prince Of Persia it didn't turn out particularly well (in fact it made a massive loss), but the House Of...

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First Look At X-Men Apocalypse
The mutants are back and there's a new villain in town

The mutants are back next year in X-Men Apocalypse, and after adventures set in the 1960s and 1970s, it's time for Magneto, Professor X, Raven, Beast...

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First Official Pic From The Ghostbusters Reboot
The more things change the more they stay the same

Are you only allowed the bust ghosts in single gender groups? In the 1980s it was all men and now the series is getting rebooted with a female team...

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Jennifer Lawrence Up For The Rosie Project
She'll star in the romantic dramedy

With her Hunger Games and X-Men duties nearly wrapped up (unless she signs up for more, of course), Jennifer Lawrence is a free agent and has been...

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Ben Affleck To Direct Solo Batman Movie
With DC Comics' Geoff Johns writing

This year's Comic Con has been quieter on big movie news that usual, but one major bit of news concerns Warner/DC's plans for a solo adventure for the rebooted...

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Peter Parker/Spider-man is getting younger as he morphs from Andrew Garfield into the form of 18-year-old Tom Holland, and it appears his Aunt May...

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Lego Movie Directors Plan Han Solo Movie
They'll explore the iconic characters' origins

From the moment it was announced that Disney planned to intersperse its main new Star Wars movies with a series of stand-alone tales set in a galaxy far...

Article picture

We've still got a few months to wait until The Hunger Games movies come to an end with Mockingjay Part 2, but a set of character posters have emerged...

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Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson Up For Mother's Day
Garry Marshall puts together another ensemble

Garry Marshall's ensemble rom-com New Year's Eve may not have matched the surprise success of Valentine's Day, but he's visiting the concept...

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