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You shall go to the ball
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First Deadpool Pic Arrives
Ryan Reynolds gets inspired by Burt Reynolds

It's a year until Deadpool hits cinemas, but to prove that after years of Ryan Reynolds saying it was still going to happen, that this time it really will, the...

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Matthew McConaughey Up For The Billionaire's Vinegar
Based on a tale of expensive wine

In the last few years Matthew McConaughey has certainly moved away from the lazy rom-coms that were in danger of turning career into a bit of joke. Indeed...

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Ben Mendelsohn Rumoured For Star Wars Rogue One
He may star in Gareth Edwards' film

Disney/Lucasfilm may have only announced the title of their Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, a couple of weeks ago, but with a December 2016 release...

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Fashion designer Tom Ford had great critical success when he turned director for 2009's A Single Man, but it's only now that he's plotting his second feature...

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Steven Spielberg To Direct Ready Player One
He plans to enter a virtual world

Spielberg has talked about making big action/fantasy films for the past few films but has only actually helmed more serious fare such as Lincoln...

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Terminator Genisys Living Poster Debuts
Arnie is a cyborg once more

There are a lot of people in Hollywood hoping that people are still interested in Arnie as a cyborg, as he's returning to his most iconic role in this summer's...

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Idris Elba May Be Star Trek 3's Villain
He's in early talks for the role

We haven't heard a huge amount about it for a while, but Paramount is still busily putting together Star Trek 3, and now it looks like it's really moving...

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Jesse Eisenberg Goes Bald
In First Look At Lex Luthor In Batman v Superman

Lex Luthor is getting a bit younger than Kevin Spacey or Gene Hackman when Jesse Eisenberg takes over the role in next year's Batman Vs. Superman...

Article picture
Bradley Cooper To Direct A Star Is Born Remake
He takes over from Clint Eastwood

It's musical chairs in Hollywood as when Bradley Cooper initially attached himself to American Sniper he was considering it as his directorial debut, however...

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For over a decade now there's been talk of a live-action Fraggle Rock movie, but despite a lot of talk it's never actually seemed close to happening. However...

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