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Benedict Cumberbatch takes on Alan Turing
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For a while it's been known that Channing Tatum has been looking for project to co-direct with his business partner, Reid Carolin. Now one has jumped...

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Jean-Marc Vallee To Direct Janis Joplin Biopic
With Amy Adams still set to star

Will we finally be getting a major Janis Joplin biopic? She's the woman it seems everyone in Hollywood has tried to make a movie about, but yet endless...

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With Pirates of the Caribbean 5 finally set to go in front of the cameras early next year, it's time to start filling out the non-Jack Sparrow roles. As seems...

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Brad Pitt Producing Sci-Fi Survival Thriller Alpha
With a story from Robopocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson

Brad Pitt has got his producer hat on once again - a job he's had great success with, including winning him a Best Picture Oscar for 12 Years A Slave - as he and...

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Bryce Dallas Howard Wanted For Pete's Dragon
She may sign on to be the female lead

Disney is slowly piecing together it's remake of Pete's Dragon, with Robert Redford already in talks and young Oakes Fegley due to play Pete. Now another...

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Disney even surprised itself with how successful its Disney Fairies franchise has been, with annual movies (which were originally designed to go straight to...

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Andrew Garfield Is Going To Hacksaw Ridge
With Mel Gibson likely to Direct

Are we due for another Mel Gibson meltdown? Last time he decided enough time has passed for him to be allowed to move back into the public eye (admittedly...

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Matt Smith Will Look For Patient Zero
He's up for the zombie thriller

We're still waiting to see if Doctor Who star Matt Smith can successfully segue into the movies, but with Lost River, Terminator: Genisys and Pride &...

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The Pitch Perfect 2 Girls Get A Poster
Plus an EW magazine cover

Nobody expected Pitch Perfect to become the success it was, but as soon as it hit box office success Universal realised they had real potential so...

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New The Good Dinosaur Concept Art Arrives
Fresh look at Pixar's delayed movie

Pixar is not a company prepared to release a movie until they think it's absolutely ready. Several times in its history it's severely delayed releases, replaced...