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Aggravated Assault (DVD)

By the numbers Aussie crime thriller

Disc Specs

Starring John BrumptonGeorge BashaDoris YounaneFirass DiraniClare Bowen Disc Cover
Directed By David Field Certificate 18
Audio Dolby Digital 5.1
Visuals 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time 93 mins
UK Release Date February 14, 2011
Genre Drama, Thriller
Our Rating
User Rating

Lead actor George Basha tries to be de Niro but comes off looking like Grant Mitchell in this conventional Australian crime drama. Basha is John, an ex-con trying to put his past behind him, but whose propensity for violent outbursts may make it difficult for him to keep on the straight and narrow. His resolve is put to the test when his younger brother Charlie (Firass Dirani) becomes involved with a local gang at college, and it's not long before tragedy strikes. Will John stay calm, settle down with his new girlfriend and live happily ever after? Or will he go after the scumbags who dragged his brother into a seedy world of crime and corruption, with bloody consequences? Go on, have a guess.

If you can get past its abhorrent genre clichés - helpless young woman rescued from brutal attackers by reformed thug - and its senseless, repetitive gang beatings, the film does cohere into a relatively compelling soap opera. Director David Field displays a clear mastery of tone, and although the film feels too long (even at only 93 minutes), the stereotypes are laid on so thick and fast that it's ludicrous enough to make for adequate entertainment.

Overall Verdict: It delivers on the promise of its title, no more or less.

Special Features:

Reviewer: Tom René

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