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Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee

Shane Meadows goes geurilla filmmaking

Movie Specs

Starring Paddy ConsidineScor-Zay-ZeeOlivia ColmanRichard GrahamSeamus O'NeillArctic Monkeys Movie Poster
Directed By Shane Meadows Certificate 15
Running Time 74 mins
UK Release Date October 9, 2009
Genre Comedy
Our Rating
User Rating

After Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine collaborated on the brilliantly dark Dead Man’s Shoes and A Room For Romeo Brass, they’ve decided to lighten up and show the world how funny they can be. The result is amusing and has plenty of typical Meadows heart, but its short running time and small-scale feel will mean it will work better on DVD.

Meadows certainly knows how to get the best out of Considine – watch Dead Man’s Shoes again to remind yourself how chilling the actor can be. Here Considine plays ageing roadie Le Donk, real name Nicholas (don’t call me that), who is helping out on the Arctic Monkeys’ Old Trafford gig. Things are not going well for Le Donk though – his pregnant girlfriend (Olivia Coleman) has a new, too good to be true boyfriend, his house is full of disgusting lodgers and he has put all of his energy in a rapper, Scor-zay-zee, an overweight slob with no idea of image or social skills.

It’s all done in mockumentary style, with Considine claiming a vague knowledge of Meadows’ previous films, and with lots of nods to Spinal Tap and Anvil. Considine’s constant banter, his obvious hatred of Olivia’s boyfriend and badgering of his rapper protégé is hugely entertaining, but threatens to wear thin. The punchline to his story of his best night with Olivia – “I’m taking you to a Berni Inn” – is surprisingly cheap. That’s where Meadows’ sympathy with his characters comes into play, with one or two surprises – who would guess that Scor-zay-zee, a real rapper, is actually quite talented? And who else but Meadows would wangle a real support slot for the Arctic Monkeys at Old Trafford? The footage of a bewildered Mancunian crowd is priceless. Monkeys fans be warned though, there is no footage of them on stage, and their appearance is fleeting.

It’s clearly made for tuppence and is rough at the edges, but Considine’s charm and Meadows’ empathy wins the day in the end. It’s not in the same class as Shoes or Romeo Brass, but will slot into the eventual DVD box set quite happily. And stay until the end credits, with Considine holding court with classic roadie tales told to the Arctic Monkeys is hilarious.

Overall verdict: Funny rap version of Spinal Tap, but it’s Shane Meadows-lite. Considine is the real reason for seeing it.

Reviewer: Mike Martin

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