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Damage (Blu-ray)

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin goes bare knucle fighting

Disc Specs

Starring Steve AustinWalton GogginsLaura Vandervoort Disc Cover
Directed By Jeff King Certificate 15
Audio DTS HD Master Audio 5.1
Visuals 16:9 Widescreen
Running Time 106 mins
UK Release Date October 5, 2009
Genre Action, Thriller
Our Rating
User Rating

The WWE’s ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin expands his Hollywood horizons with another chunk of brainless bunkum, which focuses on the bloody and brutal world of bare-knuckle fighting.

Austin plays John Brickner, a recently released convict of four years, who has been granted parole and must attempt to live his new life on the straight and narrow. However, Brickner needs to get his chunky mitts on some serious cash, having made a promise to make amends for his past and help a sick little girl desperately in need of a heart transplant. So, when the dangerous but profitable world of bare-knuckle fighting calls, Brickner has no other choice but to answer.

With a plot lifted straight out of a 80s Van Damme movie, Damage is a no-surprises knucklehead of a movie. Absurd and predictable all the way to its ridiculous finale, the film forgoes originality and sophistication in favour of crowd-pleasing barbarity, and indeed, the fight sequences are fairly entertaining. However, the lame attempt at characterisation and sentimental storyline merely highlight the film’s amateurish workmanship (the writing and directing really is poor), and old Steve lacks the charisma of his grappling, no-neck contemporary, ‘The Rock’.

The film looks top-notch on Blu-ray though, with an impressively crisp and sharp picture from start to finish, while the thunderous audio does wonders with the sounds of colliding skulls and cracking ribs.

The extras are pretty basic, including only a short featurette and a couple of trailers.

Overall Verdict: Dumb but mildly fun, and the film looks and sounds top-notch on Blu-ray.

Special Features:
‘Making Of’ Featurette

Reviewer: Lee Griffiths

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