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Tina Fey Takes On The Intern

She'll play the lead in Nancy Meyers' movie

Considering Tina Fey never really intended to be an major on-camera talent, having started out as a writer, she's had an astonishing career. Now she's so in demand that she's signing on for movies that probably won't start shooting for over a year! According to Deadline, Fey has signed up to play the lead in The Intern from writer/director Nancy Meyers.

Paramount Pictures is finalising a deal to finance and distribute the comedy, but as Fey already has her films for this summer scheduled in, it's likely The Intern will have to wait until summer 2013, after the next season of 30 Rock has wrapped.

The actress will portray a successful e-business owner, whose company starts a community outreach initiative to bring in 'senior' interns. While the businesswoman thinks she'll have a high school or college senior assistant, she discovers her intern is a senior citizen, a 70-year-old man who finds retirement boring. They quickly form a bond of friendship, as the intern proves to be invaluable in many ways.

Nancy Meyers commented on setting this new project in the world of e-commerce, "It seemed more interesting than having to see yet another thing set at an ad agency. Tina's character is much younger than me, but I was attracted to the pressures the character feels with her business, her husband and kids, and seeing all this from the point of view of a man who has been through it."

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